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Raymond Orta

The One and Only Prende la Vela

The One and Only Prende la Vela

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There is NOTHING on Earth that is more insanely Passionate than a Dallas Cowboys fan. Everyone Knows that. When the OFFICIAL Prende La Vela Candle Was released, The Cowboys had a Magical Season in which a Rookie QB and a Rookie RB led the Cowboys to one of the GREATEST SEASONS in HISTORY! Since then, The Candle has been Bootlegged, Impersonated, Contemplated, but NEVER DUPLICATED. This Candle has the Authentic Autograph of World Renowned, Comedian Extraordinaire, Mr. Raymond Orta himself, and has been prayed over by a Priest (Cowboys fan) and even a Shaman Medicine Woman.  The Other Candles you see at the Flea Markets or at HEB or on Craiglist online are Inauthentic and NOT BLESSED with LOVE and LIGHT and Positive Superbowl Vibes. The ONLY WAY to get the COWBOYS BACK TO THE PROMISE LAND and to Hoist another Vince Lombardi Trophy high in the sky is to come together and make sure that we are all lighting the CORRECT Candles and NOT the Fake Ones that were made by greedy 49er Fans that were looking to troll and exploit the love that Cowboys fans have for their team since they have no idea what passion is all about. It is Fabled, that when all the people light the Official Prende La Vela Candle on Sundays (Or whenever the Cowboys Play) that the Angels by God's Throne LITERALLY begin to Sing songs so beautiful the Human Mind can not even begin to comprehend. This Candle is 100% Authentic with a Certificate for any Hater that might question its validity.

P.S. Do not be surprised if once you light the candle Tony Romo or Michael Irvin show up to your house to do Keg Stands (results may vary)

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